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Leaves along the street can clog stormwater inlets

While city and county decision-makers struggle with which services to cut each year, there is one necessary expense that residents can help reduce.

Stormwater inlets, those grated drains located curbside on many streets prevent roadway flooding by transporting rainwater to the closest river or stream. When these drains become blocked by grass clippings, leaves and litter, rainwater puddles, pools and then floods roadways. Small rains can also cause problems for blocked stormwater inlets because both the catch-basin and road gutter become mosquito breeding grounds. Even small amounts of standing water can support mosquitoes that carry diseases.

The local government then must pay to clean the stormwater inlets in order to maintain safe roads and reduce disease vectors—functions difficult to ignore, even with tight budgets. So how can residents help? Extend your concern beyond your lawn and the sidewalk to include the roadway gutter, if you have one.

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Educators & Youth Leaders

2015 Ohio Envirothon Teams

2015 Ohio Envirothon Teams

The 27th Annual Ohio Envirothon took place June 8-9 at Mohican State Park in Perrysville, OH.  20 teams of 5 High School students each, from 17 different counties around the state competed in the environmentally-focused outdoor competition.  Read More


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Tree Sale pick-up is finally here! Get ready to plant the beautiful trees and perennials if you ordered this year. Pick-up details: Friday, April 24 from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and Saturday, April 25 from 8:00 a.m. to Noon at ODNR Division of Wildlife District 1 Headquarters, 1500 Dublin Road, Columbus 43215. Read More

Local Governments

With the passage of Senate Bill 150 last session and Senate Bill 1 in March, we now have improved regulations to better address nutrient runoff and harmful algae blooms in the Western Lake Erie Basin.  Efforts are also underway to make updates to ORC 1515 to better align resources to address agriculture pollution concerns between state agencies within the current budget bill.   

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