Expo_Logo215th Annual Central Ohio Stormwater & Erosion Control Expo

Hosted by the Soil and Water Conservation Districts of Franklin and Fairfield Counties and the Ohio Department of Transportation

August 24, 2017

8:00 am – 3:00 pm
Franklin County Fairgrounds – Edwards Building
4100 Columbia St, Hilliard, OH 43026-3404 

Eventbrite - 15th Annual Central Ohio Stormwater and Erosion Control Expo (Now Accepting Registration for Exhibitors, Sponsors, and General Admission)

This year we are reaching back to the past to revisit the hands-on implementation and learning of sediment and erosion control products and practices.  This exposition style event will include static outdoor display space, indoor vendor space, and technical presentations on the hour, followed by related demonstrations of vendor products/equipment/services. Find the Draft Agenda Here!



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Franklin Soil and Water’s 71st Annual Meeting

What's New

Educators & Youth Leaders

Join teachers, environmental educators, and naturalists, as we explore, explain and experience the value, variety, and vulnerability of our natural resources through a series of interactive workshops. The workshops are coordinated by the Delaware and Franklin Soil and Water Conservation Districts, and the Delaware County Preservation Parks. Each workshop is a two-day session,  including: instructor led activities, presentations by field professionals, field trips, participant driven learning and evaluation. All curricular materials are adaptable for many age groups. A continental breakfast with beverages will be provided but we do ask that you bring your own lunch.

There are two ways to register for a workshop

For more information or any questions, feel free to contact:

  • Linda Pettit, Frankli SWCD, (614) 486-9613, ext 11t or send an email to Linda.
  • Dona Rhea, Delaware SWCD, (740) 368-1921 or send an email to Dona.


About Watering

  1. To water or not to water? It is important to make a decision about whether or not you’ll provide regular watering for your lawn to keep its green color, or let it go dormant in the summer. Dormancy is best suited for well-established lawns rather than new or heavily trafficked lawns. Residents in new developments may want to keep their lawns watered.
  2. Dormant grass is not dead. Turfgrasses are cool-season plants designed for dormancy when water is scarce, though they may look ugly and brown. After 4-6 weeks of no rain, even dormant grass needs to be watered.  Watering it once deeply (1-1.5 inches) will keep the roots alive without causing the grass to green up.  Remember that watering deeply and less often encourages deeper roots that are more drought-tolerant.
  3. Don’t tease your lawn with an occasional sprinkle.  Sporadic, irregular watering “confuses” your turf resulting in shallow rooting and stress.  If you’re watering, remember grass needs approximately 1” of water per week.  You can measure rainfall and irrigation with a rain gauge or even a tuna can. Read More

Local Governments

Please consider supporting conservation efforts in Franklin County by sponsoring Franklin Soil and Water Conservation District’s 71st Annual Meeting & Board of Supervisors’ Election or our Annual Central Ohio Stormwater and Erosion Control Expo. Become a Conservation Champion today! You can find more information on the sponsorship registration form.

Sponsorships make it possible to keep event ticket prices low to encourage attendance.  All remaining profits support local projects through our Conservation Fund. Last year, the fund supported mini-grants to conservation projects with Iuka Ravine Association, Friends of Upper Arlington Parks and Franklin County Children Services. Sponsors of each level can request a free conservation workshop for your employees to learn about rain gardens, rain barrels, composting, stream protection and creating habitat for wildlife.

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