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Do the winter blues have you thinking of brighter, spring days?

While traveling is always an adventure, our own home often becomes our warm weather oasis.  Relaxing in our own backyard or on our patio, is arguably better enjoyed with the brilliant hues of flowers, plants, and trees.  In the hustle and bustle of life, a little nature at home can be welcoming.  The presence of plants has also been known to  have a positive influence on residents, ultimately reducing their levels of stress.

Worried about the maintenance?

Plants that are native to Ohio tend to fare far better than non-native plants.  With root systems that are drought-tolerant and disease-resistant, native plants need little maintenance outside of what Ohio weather has to offer.  They also attract pollinators, such as bees and butterflies, and take up more stormwater than non-native plants that may have a smaller, simpler root system.  Reducing the amount of  stormwater entering our storm drains in the streets, decreases the amount of pollutants entering our waterways.

Ready to takebutterfly weed the plunge and start planning a spring garden, but don’t know where to start?

Franklin Soil and Water is hosting their Annual Tree and Plant Sale!  The sale focuses on Ohio-native plants that grow well in our soils.  From tree and shrub bundles, to container plants (including many perennials), to fruit trees, and even specific specialty and seed and packets, the sale has something for everyone!

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Educators & Youth Leaders

Environmental Education Assistant, Carol Loopstra with campers at Camp Wyandot

Environmental Education Assistant with campers

Whether you are interested in a presentation, or simply borrowing materials for environmental education and science curriculum, Franklin Soil and Water provides both.

Teachers and youth leaders for school classes, home school, after school, scout and 4-H groups are all able to take part in this great opportunity! Read More


Did you miss the January Backyard Conservation Update?

Learn how you can stay active while having an eco-friendly winter, stay up-to-date on the latest water quality stories in the news and Franklin Soil and Water upcoming events, and be in-the-know when it comes to soil and water conservation in Franklin County! Read More

Local Governments

Eco-friendly development is a key element of Grove City’s growth objectives as one of central Ohio’s fastest-growing suburbs. When Grove City encountered maintenance challenges including interior water leaks caused by the flat-basin roof design at the Grove City Safety Complex, site of the city’s Division of Police and Mayor’s Court, city officials sought an eco-friendly solution. The low impact development (LID) technique selected was a blue roof supplemented by rain gardens. Read More