Shepherds corner2_smallStream quality monitoring (SQM or “creeking”) is a great STEM learning activity for students. One of the simplest ways to monitor water quality in local streams is to sample the macroinvertebrate population. By identifying these “critters,” including crayfish, fresh-water clams, riffle beetles, snails, sowbugs, and a whole host of insect larvae and nymphs, and observing which ones are found in greater quantity, students learn to distinguish a healthy stream from an unhealthy stream. They also gain a greater understanding of how human actions can impact the health of our streams. Read More

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Educators: register for the last two EE workshops of 2014 & mark your calendars for the first two in 2015!

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We are hosting a Stormwater Roundtable at our office on Thursday, November 20 from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. Read More