Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning. — Benjamin Franklin

We’ve been following Ben’s advice to work on continual improvement for our funders, partners and landowners and residents of Franklin County. We shared our new office space during the Annual Meeting, so now let’s share what’s new with our human capital. Here are the stories of three staff members improving our institutional knowledge.

Jennifer Fish

Jennifer Fish

Our director, Jennifer Fish, has recently received her CMS4S certification from Envirocert.  “CMS4S certification recognizes specialists who are technically and ethically qualified to manage or coordinate nationally consistent EPA NPDES MS4 programs which are in compliance with applicable (local, state, provincial and federal) laws and regulations.” (Envirocert) Read More

What's New

Educators & Youth Leaders

Join naturalists, environmental educators and teachers as we explore, explain and experience the value, variety and vulnerability of our natural resources through a series of interactive workshops.


If you didn’t receive it in your in-box, here is the most recent edition of our Backyard Conservation Update.

Local Governments

Water Quality Partner

Water Quality Partner Cling

This summer we have launched a new program to help small businesses avoid stormwater pollution complaints and municipalities reach targeted outreach goals in their SWMP. Read More