Purpose: To provide an avenue for communities to share creative and effective ideas and practices that meet public education, outreach, involvement and/or participation needs for storm water management and water quality compliance with Ohio EPA’s NPDES permitting.

Description: The Water Quality and Land Use Subcommittee of MORPC’s Greenways Committee has identified storm water management as one of our work group goals.   We recognize that urbanized communities are facing more specific requirements in the current NPDES storm water permit for minimum control measure (MCM) 1, public education and outreach, and MCM 2, public involvement /  participation.   We believe that there are good examples for meeting these requirements right here in our central Ohio communities.  We also believe that the larger sustainability community would benefit from learning about these education activities.   Therefore, we have developed this storm water showcase to share these ideas.

The subcommittee will be accepting submittals for the storm water showcase that will be presented at the October Summit on Sustainability and the Environment and highlighted from November 2011 to May 2012 through MORPC’s regional e-source and Franklin Soil and Water’s Web site.

How to participate: Please submit a 500-word description of your community’s storm water public education and outreach or public involvement / participation activity.   Also include no more than 3 high- resolution pictures and an approved logo for your community.  Include in your description information regarding the target audience, theme of the activity and number of individuals reached.   Any other information that would help another community re-create this activity, such as resources used and costs expended, would be helpful.

Contact: Send your submittal by e-mail to Jennifer Fish at  jfish@franklinswcd.org.

Deadline: All submittals must be received by Friday, August 19, 2011.

Other Considerations:  The committee reserves the right to shorten text or choose pictures to be used on the showcase display, in MORPC’s Regional e-source or on Franklin Soil and Water’s Web site for the purposes of managing space.  If you have any questions or concerns with these instructions, please call Jennifer at (614) 486-9613 or e-mail at jfish@franklinswcd.org.  It is our intent to be as inclusive as possible to encourage sharing and information exchange.

Published: July 26th, 2011