Hellbranch meadows with beans

Today,Bob Sherman, Water Quality Field Technician, and I took a trip to Hellbranch Meadows to see how harvesting was going.  The beans were smaller than Bob’s own fields because this area tends to be wet and it was a very wet spring, delaying planting.

You can see in the photo at the left where the combine has passed.  Even though my grandfather farmed, I didn’t know what a soybean looked like, so here is a photo of a handful of beans.


Combines are amazing machines.  They cut the plant and then separate the beans from the pods and the stalks.  When you  look at the photo below of the combine in the distance, the “dust” trail you see is the unneeded part of the plants being spread back on the field.

Combine in bean field at Hellbranch Meadows

Published: November 4th, 2011