In Ohio, soil and water conservation districts are administered by a board of five supervisors.   Supervisors are elected to three-year terms in public elections conducted by the Ohio Soil and Water Conservation Commission.  Supervisors volunteer their time, energy and expertise.

2016 Board of Supervisors

Jessica D'Ambrosio

Jessica D’Ambrosio, Vice-Chair

Jessica D’Ambrosio is a program manager for the Ohio Nonpoint-source Education for Municipal Officials (NEMO) Program, an extension education program of The Ohio State University.  In addition to her research on the concept of alternative designs for agricultural channels and the geomorphology and ecology of stream systems, she has managed grant-funded education and outreach projects for over 10 years.  Jessica has a MS in environmental science and currently is pursuing a PhD in soil and water engineering from The Ohio State University. Since 2004, Jessica has coordinated and been the proceedings editor for four national water resources conferences; she has coordinated and been a co-instructor for 12 regional stream management workshops; she has managed the development of a wide range of scientific and educational materials on stream and watershed systems; and she has served as a resident director for the Study Abroad Program and the NSF-funded initiative Globalizing Engineering Education: Partnerships between Africa and the USA. Jessica has acted as a technical adviser to many state and local groups involved in both urban and agricultural water resources management including MORPC, Franklin Soil and Water, The Nature Conservancy, watershed groups, and municipalities.  Prior to being elected to the Board of Supervisors, Jessica was a member of the Franklin Soil and Water Associate Board.



David D

David Donofrio, Secretary

David Donofrio is a lifelong resident of Franklin County, a Franklin Soil and Water Board Supervisor (who has served as both chair, vice chair and now secretary), and a current associate board member who heads the District’s Government Outreach Committee. Committed to conservation, David has also served in leadership capacities for a host of other organizations throughout the community, and believes the best solutions begin at home. He is a strong supporter of the District’s GIS mapping, educational and backyard conservation efforts, and having attended the District’s Strategic Planning retreat in 2013, looks forward to expanding these programs as the District grows. Also, having run for state office and worked in the Statehouse formerly, he has the experience to ensure that, through our continued outreach efforts, the District will maintain both its state and local funding streams, regardless of ideological differences in the legislature. Outside of the District, David works as the Special Projects Manager for Tailored Management, and he resides in northwest Columbus with his partner Ryan and cat, Ohio.



John M

John Moorehead

John Moorehead is a professional engineer with Advanced Civil Design, Inc. located in their Gahanna office. John specializes in watershed planning, surface water protection, floodplain management, and construction site erosion control. John holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Ohio University, focusing on environmental engineering. Over the past seven years, John has produced stormwater engineering solutions for projects in 26 states, providing experience with the resource management policies employed by a broad range of regulatory agencies. With technical expertise in green infrastructure, non-point source pollution control, and low impact development, John provides cutting edge stormwater management solutions in urban environments. In support of state and federal agencies he has performed hundreds of fluvial geomorphology studies assessing threats to infrastructure caused by stream bank erosion and channel instability. John is a resident of Sharon Township, and is active in the local chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers. As a member of the Board of Supervisors, John hopes to serve the Soil and Water Conservation District in their mission to protect our county’s natural resources.


Tom Shockley, Treasurer

Tom Shockley, Treasurer

Tom Shockley has over 22 years experience in public service, including his role as Franklin County  Sanitary Engineer. He holds undergraduate degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration, and a Master of Public Administration from The Ohio State University.  Prior to his years in public service, Tom was in private practice as a Mechanical/Civil Engineer working in both the civil and environmental fields.  As Director of the Franklin County’s Department of Water and Sewer, Tom oversaw a department with both wastewater and water management responsibilities. In addition, the department’s Water Quality Partnership sewer improvements program began in 2001 with the mandate of connecting over 3,000 homes into central sanitary sewer and eliminating pollution from failed septic and aeration systems. Tom turned a department that was heading toward privatization and deeply in debt, to one that was self sustaining in just less than one year.


Chris W

Chris Wible, Chair

Chris Wible is the Technical Services Director at Scotts LawnService. He is responsible for agronomic programs, service delivery, supply chain, fleet, and regulatory compliance for the company’s lawn, tree, and pest control services. Prior to joining LawnService, Chris led Scotts Environmental Stewardship Program where he collaborated with federal, state, and local water quality organizations to address urban stormwater and nutrient management issues.He is a member of the Ohio Lake Erie Phosphorus Task Force II. Chris is a Board member of OPARR (Ohio Professional Applicators for Responsible Regulation), an alliance of associations, businesses, and individuals dedicated to working in cooperation government officials, and with other environmentally- concerned organizations to insure safe and effective use of pest control, agricultural, and lawn and tree care chemicals. He has served as a board member at the Scott Associates Credit Union since 2009 and currently serves as Board President. Chris is a graduate of The Ohio State University, where he received his B.S. , and a M.B.A graduate from Ashland University.