The Continuous CRP is for high priority conservation practices on cropland and marginal pastureland.  Marginal pastureland must be adjacent to water and cannot be woodland.  Practice include riparian buffers, filter strips, grass waterways, field windbreaks, wellhead protection and shallow water wildlife areas.

There is no bidding process.  Offers are automatically accepted provided that the acreage and producer meet eligibility requirements.

With the CRP cost-share program, all landowners receive an annual payment for their land based on soil type.  In fact, with the continuous CRP program, the landowner will earn a 20% increase in this annual soil rental rate.

In addition, after meeting with a conservation technician and agreeing  on a conservation plan, the producers of riparian buffers, filter strips, grass waterways and field windbreaks get a signing incentive payment (SIP).

After signing the conservation agreement, the landowner will receive a one-time payment of $10/ac per year of contract.  You can elect either a 10 or 15 year contract.

After successfully implementing the conservation practice, you will receive  50% of the cost of installation of the agreed upon estimate according to our standard fee schedule to establish vegetative cover practices.

Furthermore, all continuous CRP practices receive an additional Practice Incentive Payment (PIP) which is a one-time payment after the conservation practice is installed.

You will be reimbursed an additional 40% of the total eligible cost of installation by the Farm Service Agency.  NOTE: Incentive p ayments and cost share payments are subject to change, check with FSA office for current figures.