The Wetland Reserve Program is a voluntary program to restore wetlands. Landowners can establish conservation easements of either a permanent or 30-year duration or can enter into restoration cost-share agreements where no easement is involved. In exchange for establishing a permanent easement the landowner receives the lesson of $2,000/acre or the appraised price and 100% of the restoration costs for restoring the wetland. Easements set limits on how the land may be used in the future.

  • The 30-year easement payment is 75% of the agricultural value of the land and 75% of the restoration cost.
  • The voluntary agreements contain no easement and are for a minimum 10-year duration and provide for 75% of the cost of restoring the involved wetlands. In all instances, landowners continue to control access to their land.
  • Landowners may sign up anytime at an NRCS office. 10 Acre Minimum.
  • Applications are evaluated and ranked. Ranked applications are submitted to compete against other Ohio applicants. Approvals are made based on ranked scores. Landowner is notified. Easement closing process begins.