The Wildlife Habitat Incentives Program is a voluntary program that encourages creation of high quality wildlife habitats that support wildlife populations of national, state, tribal, and local significance. Through WHIP, NRCS provides technical and financial assistance to landowners and others to develop upland, wetland, riparian, and aquatic habitat areas on their property. Applications are ranked according to Ohio’s WHIP ranking criteria. For details on current ranking criteria, please contact your District Conservationist. A minimum of 5 acres must be available for habitat developments in order to file an application.

NRCS works with the participant to develop a wildlife habitat development plan. If selected for funding this plan becomes the basis of the cost-share agreement between NRCS and the participant. NRCS provides cost-share payments to landowners under these agreements that are usually 5-10 years in duration, depending upon the practices to be installed.