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Community Backyards Program

The Community Backyards program is an educational rebate program for Franklin County, Ohio residents. The goal is to capture rainwater where it falls and soak it in. In the course, residents learn about rainwater, water pollution, stormwater runoff and its detrimental impacts on local water quality, erosion, and flooding. Residents will also learn what they can do to help protect our waterways beginning right in their own backyard! Participants learn about rain barrels, rain gardens, native plants, and composting; we call these "backyard conservation practices." After taking the course, Franklin County residents can receive a rebate to install a backyard conservation practice. 

This is an annual program that allows residents to implement a conservation method that works best for them. Eligibility for the rebate is based on your home's tax district within Franklin County and whether you live in a participating municipality. Please note, rebates are limited to one per household per year due to limited funding. If you received a rebate last year, you can participate again the following year! Rebates submitted must be for one type of item only and cannot be combined. What rebate you can get will vary based on your home's local municipality. This is because your local municipality decides how much funding is available for rebates and what kind of rebates they can offer to their residents. 

There are two ways you can qualify:
  1. Participate in an online course and pass our online quiz. Open May 1, 2023 - October 1, 2023.
  2. Register and attend a workshop hosted by water quality professionals where you can gain more in-depth knowledge and ask questions. Register for a workshop here. Please check back in April 2023 for new workshops! 
For more information on participating communities or eligible rebate items, please visit the Community Backyards website. Questions? Email us at or call our office (614) 486-9613.