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Plant Your Trees Right

Choose the Right Tree

Size, shape, soil drainage and sun exposure should all be factors when choosing a tree for your landscape. We like this handy guide from Minnesota's Department of Natural Resources on things you should consider before purchasing a tree.

Planting and Mulching

After tree choice, planting and mulching methods are the biggest factor of tree survival in your landscape! Plant your tree deep enough that roots are covered, but high enough that you can still see the root flare (lower tree trunk that widens before breaking off into roots). When mulching, lay mulch 2-3" deep around the tree, keeping mulch away from the trunk of the tree. Try to mulch out to the point where, if water is dripping off the leaves of the tree, it will drip onto the mulch. For a larger tree your mulch circle can max out at about 3 feet from the trunk.

Mulching trees helps protect the roots and keep them moist. However, mulching too close to the trunk can lead to rot! By leaving the base of the tree unmulched you're ensuring that the roots still have some room to breathe. Avoid piling mulch into a "volcano" around the tree trunk, your mulch should look more like a donut shape.

Bare Root Tree Planting

Bare root trees are one- to three-year-old seedlings that are shipped without soil or potting mix covering their roots. This keeps the price low for those who need to plant many conservation seedlings for erosion control, windbreaks, wildlife or to replace dead or invasive plants. They do however, require special care to assure survival. We dip tree roots in a synthetic, non-toxic hydrogel/water mix. Hydrogels are polymers that look like table sugar when dry, and absorb several times their weight in water. It’s critical that the roots be kept moist and protected from sun and air, and this thick gravy-like gel clings to the roots and root hairs to protect them from desiccation until they’re transplanted. Hydrogel is biodegradable, and should be left on when planting. Want to learn more information on planting bare-root trees? Check out this step-by-step guide.


Tree Owner's Manual