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Get Grassy

Get Grassy

What is Get Grassy

Launched in 2015 by the City of Columbus and Franklin Soil and Water, Get Grassy! encourages central Ohio residents to take good care of their lawns. Well-maintained lawns have deeper root systems, drought and disease tolerance, and are better for water quality.

Is this a pro-lawn campaign?

No. Lawn is an important part of most home and commercial landscapes. Taking better care of existing turfgrass so that it’s healthy enhances its environmental services by absorbing more stormwater and preventing soil erosion (soil is Ohio’s #1 water pollutant!) This is not contradictory to backyard conservation techniques that can include adding biodiversity with native plants, or decreasing polluted runoff by installing rain gardens and rain barrels.

How does Get Grassy! reach Columbus-area residents?

We reach residents in two ways: directly through public events (including educational workshops, and publications shared with our partners), and through their lawn care companies. We use eye-catching flyers, simple messages, visual reminders like rain gauges and magnets, and social media. Residents who pledge for better water quality receive a free gift.

How was it developed?

Franklin Soil and Water and the city of Columbus developed this program with assistance from marketing professionals, local lawn care companies, the Turfgrass Science Extension Team at The Ohio State University, a focus group of central Ohio residents, and additional natural resource professionals and public agencies.

What are its goals?

Our primary goal is to increase our reach to residents in promoting good stormwater practices: proper disposal of yard waste; mowing high; watering at the right time; keeping product off of hard surfaces and applying it correctly; and keeping rainwater on property to prevent polluted runoff.

How is Get Grassy! measuring success?

Franklin Soil and Water will measure participation and program effectiveness through pledge forms, website counts and participant surveys.

How can I help or learn more?

Take the pledge at Contact or 614-486-9613 to receive program updates or literature for distribution.