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Don't Drip & Drive



The Don’t Drip & Drive campaign was first developed through the Washington State Puget Sound Starts Here campaign to educate residents on how to identify and fix car leaks to protect water quality.

Our plan is to use some of these existing components to create a similar campaign for Central Ohio.

Our first phase is focused on outreach to businesses and residents, with the potential to expand into a more robust program that could offer workshops and/or free leak inspections and discounted repairs at participating shops.

If you live in the Central Ohio area, please help us gauge future interest and needs by taking a brief survey.

  Need to dispose of used motor oil?

Most auto service stations and oil change businesses will accept used motor oil and used oil filters from residents for recycling. SWACO’s permanent household hazardous waste facility also accepts these items.

  • Motor oil should never be used to kill weeds, as a dust suppressant on dirt or gravel roads, burned, or poured down the drain or sewer.
  • Facilities that accept used motor oil may also accept other auto fluids such as antifreeze. Call and ask!

  Think you have a leak?

Click here to Diagnose Your Leak

Find more great videos at

  Reporting Leaks, Spills & Illegal Dumping

Call 911 for any emergency

Report the release of any material that impacts public health or the environment, including chemicals and petroleum products to the Ohio EPA Spill Hotline at 800-282-9378 or (614) 224-0946

If you see someone disposing of anything down a storm drain or directly into any body of water or ditch, obtain a license plate number or address and report it to It’s a Crime at (614) 871-5322 or

Report non-emergency pollution activity to your local municipality or Soil and Water Conservation District.  Find reporting and contact information for your County at