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Environmental Educator of the Year

The Environmental Educator of the Year is a yearly award that recognizes an educator whose willingness to go the extra mile helps students appreciate nature and understand environmental interactions. Our Environmental Education team nominates and selects a winner.

Congratuations to our past Environmental Educator of the Year Awardees


  • Karen Schutte, Hamilton Elementary School- Karen was selected as Educator of the Year for her outstanding work as the Library Media Specialist at Hamilton Elementary school. It is the mission of the Hamilton Elementary Library Media Center to guarantee that students and staff have access to and are effective users of ideas and information and to promote life-long learning. One way that you achieve this goal is by organizing guest speakers for Right to Read Week every year. You often involve the community by organizing an evening family event around that theme as well, encouraging teachers and guest presenters to provide an activity for families to engage in. You have invited FSWCD to do the Lorax presentation with all of 11 or 12 sections of second grades for the last several years – bridging the gap between science and language arts. Arranging the schedule to get all those programs in during one school day is quite a feat, but you have mastered the art!


  • Roseanne Hettersheidt, Hilliard City Schools- Roseanne earned this recognition for all her efforts to get Hilliard City School students outdoors through the Latham Park field trips and her dedication for providing local examples and information to teachers and students. She always goes above and beyond to connect your teachers and students to their local resources and environmental issues.


  • Najib Kamagate, Gahanna West Middle School- Najib was awareded the Environmental Educator of the Year because our educators have worked with him on programming the last 2 years and were very impressed with his engagement with his students, the incorporation of interactive lessons and labs and the supportive learning environment he creates.

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