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Live Stake: Buttonbush (Cephalanthus occidentalis) Bundle of 5

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Product Description:

Dormant Live Stakes are used to provide streambank stabilization for streams with steep or eroding banks. Live staking involves the insertion and tamping into the ground of dormant, rootable, vegetative cuttings. They will form a living root mat that reinforces and binds soil particles.

This irresistible native selection is easily grown on sites that are sometimes or frequently wet, making it ideal for rain gardens, wetlands, wet meadows, or stream bank installations. Hundreds of ball-shaped, fragrant, creamy white flowers dangle from buttonbush from June-August and are perfect for attracting bees and butterflies. The habit is broad, rounded, and somewhat open, reaching 6-12’ tall and wide. If plants become unmanageable, they may be cut back near to the ground in early spring to revitalize. Tolerates wind and compacted soils.

Size: 24 in.

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