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Peach 'Crimson Rocket'

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This variety is an introduction from the USDA peach breeding program at Kearneysville, West Virginia. This novel variety is the first pillar tree form variety offered by Adams County Nursery. The tree architecture is very different than conventional peach trees. It is a very upright growing tree reaching 12-14 feet with a 5-6 foot spread, allowing the tree to be maintained in a confined area. The fruit is large and freestone with good eating qualities. This variety is not recommended for shipping due to lack of adequate firmness.

Rootsock: Lovell  (Produces a strong well anchored tree with resistance to bacterial canker. Tolerates cold and wet soils. Susceptible to nematodes in sandy soil. Bears fruit in 2-3 years and grows to 12-18 feet, depending on pruning methods).

2-year old stock:  1/2" caliper | 4-5 feet tall

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