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Home Contractors

Contractors and those who do home improvement projects can be fined thousands of dollars if they allow paint, dry wall compound, concrete washout or other chemicals to go down a storm drain. Follow these guidelines to learn how to properly dispose of leftover materials and wastewater, and gain ideas for recycling and reuse. Take the simple steps below to prevent liquids such as paint, dry wall compound, concrete washout, and other chemicals from entering our waterways. In general, these building materials can safely be disposed of or recycled when dried. Other options for disposal include donation or reuse. Click below for more information on how to properly dispose of paint or concrete. 

How Do I Dispose Of....



Improper disposal is a violation! 

These are the facts:
  • Violators can be reported by employees, competitiors, or residents.
  • The City of Columbus can issue fines and prosecute. 
  • You are liable for the cost of clean-up if you don't dispose of materials correctly. This can cost thousands of dollars.
Save money, time, and trouble by disposing of materials and chemicals correctly the first time!

See something? Say something. 

Report water or storm drain pollution to the City of Columbus 24/7 at (614) 645-7873 or visit for more information.

Not in the City of Columbus? You can report pollution for Franklin County or surrounding counties here!