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Press & Media Page

Our team is happy to meet, interview, or send corresponding information and photos for any soil, water, or natural resource questions and concerns. If you're a member of the media and would like to talk, please contact Kori Sedmak, Public Outreach Coordinator

Below you can access media interviews & articles, news releases, social media pages, and contact information for our team.

News Articles & Interviews

January 14, 2021- CJB Network, How Conservation Districts Protect Natural Resources. Jennifer Fish, Director

August 30, 2020- Columbus Dispatch, Creating Natural Buffers Along Water Banks. Kurt Keljo, Watershed Specialist

February 15, 2020- ThisWeek, Central Ohio Horticulturists Tout Native Species for Seasonal Planting. Sara Ernst, Conservation Implementation Specialist

December 9, 2019- WOSU, To Restore Streams on the Cheap, FSWCD Mimics Beaver Dams. Kyle Wilson (Conservation Program Manager & David Reutter (Urban Conservationist)

News Releases






Please contact Kori Sedmak, Public Outreach Coordinator, with any additional requests.