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Tree and Plant Sale

Spring Tree & Plant Sale

Our annual sale highlights native trees, shrubs, and plants that improve riparian buffers, reduce bank
 erosion, combat heat-island effects, strengthen food security, attract native pollinators, birds, and mammals, and promote other important ecological services.
Proceeds from the sale go toward our Conservation Fund and Mini-Grant Program, which help support the implementation of on-the-ground conservation projects throughout Franklin County!

Find important information about the sale below (FAQs)

Is this a mail-order sale?

No.  While our Native Perennial Plant Kits will ship direct to you from our vendor at a later date, all other material must be picked up in person at our office during designated dates/times.

How large are your plants?

The majority of our offerings are conservation-grade, bareroot seedlings or live stakes, which are 24-inches or less in height.  Most orders can be easily transported in a reusable shopping bag, small box, or 5-gallon bucket.  Some years we offer bareroot fruit trees, which are approximately 4-5 feet tall.

    I placed an order, now what?

    Thanks for supporting local conservation!  Please check your email (including junk/spam folders) for an order confirmation and additional information.  All order confirmations will come from:  If you ordered a Native Perennial Plant Kit, it will ship direct to you in early June.  Everything else will be available to pick up from our office in mid-April (pickup days and times vary from year-to-year).

    What happens if I cannot pick-up my order?

    Uncollected orders will be donated to local non-profits, community groups, schools, and/or other planting projects, so please make arrangements to have someone else collect your order if you are unable to. 

    Please contact us immediately if you expect you will have a conflict, so that we can discuss your options.  We will try contacting customers via phone and email that did not pick-up orders the Monday after pickup, but planting of this material is time sensitive and we cannot hold onto material for more than 2-days.  All uncollected orders are donated the Wednesday following the pick-up days to local groups that can get the material into the ground.

    Can I wait to plant?

    It is important to plant bareroot seedlings and live stakes immediately.  Do not leave them in your car or hot garage.  You can find planting guides for all of our offerings via our Google Drive.

    Why do my plants not have any leaves?

    Most bareroot and live stake material will still be dormant when you collect your order.  Because they are dormant, plants can be mistaken as appearing like "dead sticks".  This appearance is completely normal for dormant plants, so don't be discouraged.  Often times, bareroots can take 4-6 weeks after planting to "wake up" and show signs of new growth.

    Some species are much more sensitive to transplanting and sometimes that transplant shock will cause the top growth to die off/back, because energy is being diverted to the root system first, as a triage effect. When that happens, new growth may come from the roots instead. If you give the stem/twigs a slight bend and they still have some flex in them, you may still get existing buds to break dormancy. If not, that growth will likely have to come from the root system (which can occur months after planting).

    While not an endorsement, some of our staff have had great results using products such as Bonide Root and Grow, which can help reduce transplant shock by encouraging root growth only. These types of products should always be used according to the label and are commonly available online or in local garden centers.

    No matter your approach, the most important thing is to properly plant your plants as soon as possible, water regularly (and as needed), and be patient.

    Can I get a refund if something doesn't survive?

    There are no refunds unless a plant you ordered and paid for is unavailable at time of pickup.  Seedling success depends on many factors (before, during, and after planting) and while most customers experience very good survival rates, some mortality should be expected.  This is part of the trade-off with the lower cost of conservation-grade, bareroot material, and part of the reason we sell most offerings in bundles of 5-25 plants.

    Are your plants native?

    With exception of some edible offerings (fruit trees, brambles, etc), the species we offer are Ohio natives or cultivars, but may not be native to Franklin County.  To plan for future resiliency, we will also sometimes offer native species from neighboring regions of the United States that we think will adapt well to our changing climate.

    What if I am looking for something you are not offering?

    Many Soil & water Conservation Districts hold plant sales.  If you are in central Ohio, you can find a list of neighboring SWCD plant sales on our Be the Change for Clean Water website.  

    If you are looking for fish for stocking ponds or other aquaculture activities, we do not currently offer a yearly sale, but many other Districts still do.  Most utilize Fender's Fish Hatchery out of Baltic, Ohio.  Visit their website to find a calendar of upcoming SWCD sales or to purchase directly.