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Climate Change

Climate Change in Ohio- Expect More Significant Precipitation Events and More Temperature Variability

April 2, 2018April 4, 2018 
Two photos taken less than 48 hours apart show a trail along the Scioto River. The first was taken after a 1.5 in snowfall, the second after a 2 inch rain event. We can expect to see more rapid temperature changes and extreme precipitation events such as these as the climate continues to change. Photo credit: Leslie Sours

Climate change caused by greenhouse gas emissions is currently one of the greatest threats to the health of our soil and water resources. You can learn about reducing your impact on climate change by visiting our Calculating Your Carbon Footprint page. In addition to reducing carbon emissions and sequestering carbon through activities like tree plantings, we are focused on mitigating the effects of climate change that we are seeing today, and that will likely increase in the future. As the effects of climate change build, Ohio can expect to see more spring floods and summer droughts. We'll also experience more variability in temperature, with an increase in unseasonable temperatures. For more information on how Ohio is projected to be impacted by climate change visit NOAA's National Centers for Environmental Information's State Summary. Franklin Soil and Water promotes practices that increase flood resiliency such as rain gardens and other green infrastructure, as well as practices that reduce stormwater flooding such as stream buffer planting, proper stormwater system management, and backyard conservation practices in response to our changing climate. We also support and promote City of Columbus' Climate Adaptation Plan. 

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