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Spring Tree and Plant Sale

Ordering for our 2021 Spring Tree & Plant Sale is now CLOSED!

Important Information:
  • There are no refunds unless a plant you ordered and paid for is unavailable at time of pickup.
  • Pick up your order of bareroot plants at our office (1404 Goodale Blvd., Suite 100, Columbus, Ohio 43212) on one of days listed below:
    • Friday, April 16th from 7am-6pm
    • Saturday, April 17th from 8am-12pm
    • We will be implementing drive-thru pick-up procedures to help ensure we can maintain social distance practices during pick-up.
  • Conservation-grade, bare root seedlings are generally small, so a large-capacity vehicle is not necessary for pick-up.
  • It is important to plant bare root seedlings immediately. Do not leave them in your car or hot garage. You can read about proper tree planting here:
  • The species we sell (except for edible landscaping) are Ohio natives or cultivars, but may not be native to Franklin County.
  • NEW for 2021 -- If you are ordering Native Plant Kits, they will ship directly to the mailing address you provide in early June. These will not be available for pick-up in April.  Check out this Flyer for information on the species included in each kit. The 7 kits contain 50 Midwestern native plugs (measuring about 2x2x5”)of ten species for various habitats. Each plant species is labeled with common name, botanical name, bloom color, bloom time, height, and other growing information. Substitutions may be made based on current availability. Custom requests are not available. Each kit is suitable for covering about 100 square feet (if planted on 18” centers). The kits are designed for specific site conditions and a great way to have a variety of plants in smaller areas. Upon receipt, customers will need to open the boxes and take the flat(s) out. Plants that are not removed and planted right away should be placed out of the sun and watered at least every other day until installation. You will receive advance notification when your order is about to ship.
    Click here for photos and details on growing conditions for the plants in each kit.
  • Plant descriptions can be still be accessed via the shopping cart