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Conservation Mini-Grants

The 2020 Mini-Grant Program application period is now open! 
Apply here after reading the information below. 


Franklin Soil and Water’s annual Conservation Mini-Grant program offers up to $2000 to three non-profits that demonstrate the need and ability to carry out on-the-ground conservation projects. Nearly 30 organizations have been awarded full or partial funding since 2013. Remaining funds are utilized throughout the year by Franklin Soil and Water for projects and programs, many times in coordination with partners.

The Mini-Grant program is supported the District’s Conservation Fund, a pool of operational fees and proceeds from fund-raising events including its Annual Meeting and Tree Sale.



Franklin County, Ohio non-profit organizations such as schools, watershed groups, municipalities, community groups (including governing bodies and associations such as HOAs and condo associations) and civic associations may apply.

Grant Application and Award Details

Only one application per organization is accepted, and previously-awarded groups may not apply in consecutive years. Funds must be used by the year’s end, though the project can be completed anytime throughout the year.

Funds are issued on a reimbursement basis, with documentation (receipts, photos, etc) of work completed.

Acceptable expenses may include supplies and tools for project implementation and signage or outreach materials. The cost of these materials may not exceed more than 20 percent of the total funds requested.

Grant recipients must review and sign our Grant Agreement, provide progress updates and final reports, and host a final site visit upon project completion.

Grant proposals are reviewed by Franklin Soil and Water staff with final approval of the Director and Board of Supervisors.

Previously completed projects are ineligible. Grant funding cannot be applied towards design and consulting fees, research, administration, or food

Grant Application and Award Details

Rainwater storage/harvesting with rain barrels/cisterns

Reducing or slowing stormwater runoff by planting rain gardens or buffer zones

Green infrastructure with blue or green roofs, underground detention, and pervious surfaces

Streambank or riparian zone stabilization / revegetation

Landscaping and gardening with native trees and plants

Invasive species removal

Habitat improvement, such as litter collection, addition of wildlife shelter(s), bird houses, or pollinator sites

Soil improvements such as the addition of compost, green manures, or cover crops

Print a copy of the above information here.


This is a competitive grant. Applicants score based on their project's relative strength and adherence to "Ranking & Criteria" metrics, listed above.

Applications may be found at our website, and may be submitted online or as hard copy.

We regret that not all applicants will receive funding. However, in most cases,  technical assistance is available regardless of award granted.

Apply here.

Questions and mini-grant applcations can be directed to Sara Ernst, Conservation Implementation Specialist, (614) 486-9613, ext. 125.