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Conservation Stewardship Fund

Conservation Stewardship Fund


The purpose of our Conservation Stewardship Fund is to raise money for the implementation of conservation projects targeted to improving water quality for the benefit of wildlife, recreation and drinking water. While focused on water quality and rainwater runoff, these projects will also benefit wetlands, forestry, carbon offsets, pollinators, native plants, and bird populations throughout Central Ohio. To donate to our conservation fund, click on the donate button to the right, you will be directed to the Columbus Foundation website, then search for Franklin Soil and Water.

Management of Funds

Franklin Soil and Water Conservation District (FSWCD) will be the manager of these funds in partnership with the Columbus Foundation. Project implementation may be led by other local governments or non-profits through coordination and oversight provided by Franklin SWCD.

Each year the Board of Supervisors will authorize spending from the Conservation Fund to ensure long term sustainability of funds as well as to ensure that funds are used according to the established purpose.

Conservation Mini-Grants

    If you have a conservation project that needs additional funding you can apply for a conservation mini-grant. Applications are accepted from January to March each year. Questions and applications can be directed to our office.