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Community Backyards Program

The Community Backyards program focuses on rainwater runoff and its detrimental impacts on local water quality, streambank erosion, and localized flooding. Participants learn how to install rain barrels and plant rain gardens, along with an introduction to composting at home and the benefits of native plants and trees.

Our new rebate program allows the homeowner to implement a conservation method that works best for them and their environment and does renew each year, meaning that if you received a rebate last year, you can participate again the following year. Eligibility for the rebate is based on your tax district within Franklin County and whether you live in a participating district. Please note, rebates are one per eligible household.

Community Backyards offers reimbursements to eligible residents up to $50 for installing a rain barrel, compost bin, or planting native plants and trees.

There are two ways you can qualify:
  1. Participate in an online course and pass our online quiz. (Open May 1, 2021- October 1, 2021)
  2. Register to attend an in-person educational workshop in one of two ways:

For more information on participating communities or eligible rebate items, please visit our Community Backyards website or call (614) 486-9613.