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Concrete Washout and Residue Disposal

• Never dispose of concrete washout or cutting slurry into the street, storm drains, drainage ditches or streams.

• Train all staff on procedures for and the importance of proper waste disposal.

• Use as little water as possible to wash the chute, finishing tools, wheelbarrows, and other equipment and collect water and slurry for proper disposal.

• Capture washout in a designated, well-marked washout area, bucket or other container.

• Provide a marked washout area at the construction site for the driver of the concrete mixer.

• Use sandbags and tarpaulins or diversion booms to direct wash water to an appropriate wash-down area and prevent it from entering gutters and storm sewers.

• Secure bags of cement after they are open. Keep them out of the wind which can carry the fine material to storm drains.

• For small jobs, divert wastewater into a grassed area where it can soak in. Do not exceed the ground’s soakage capacity.

• Wastewater collected in a wash-down area or in a wet vacuum can be pumped into a tank for re-use or hauled to an approved disposal facility.

• Allow water to evaporate from washout and dispose of solids in the garbage.

• Recycle used materials through the Ohio Materials Marketplace. Visit to participate or learn more. 

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