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Latex and Oil-based Paint Disposal

Dry It, Don't Dump It

Dry latex paint with a slurry like cat litter, sand or a commercial hardener then throw it away.

Drop Off Wet Paint At A Hazardous Waste Facility

Franklin Soil and Water does NOT dispose of paint or hazardous materials. SWACO is the local waste authority. SWACO works with a third party contractor for hazardous waste disposal called EEI. Franklin County, Ohio residents and businesses can dispose of paint and other hazardous materials at EEI. 

  • Environmental Enterprises (aka EEI)
    Call 614-294-1300 to ensure available times, costs and resources
    1249 Essex Ave Columbus, OH 43201
To learn more about proper hazardous waste disposal, click here

Recycle Paint through the Ohio Materials Marketplace

Ohio Materials Marketplace is a free online platform that allows businesses and organizations to connect and find recycling solutions for waste and by-product materials. Visit to learn more or participate.

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