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Seed Mix: Pollinator Wildflower

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The Pollinator Wildflower seed mix includes (substitutions may occur without notice based on vendor availability)

NATIVE OHIO PERENNIALS: Eastern Columbine, Dense Blazing Star, Purple Coneflower, Hairy Mountain Mint, Royal Catchfly, Bergamot, Foxglove Beardtongue, Red Milkweed, Tall Larkspur, Hoary Mountain Mint.

NATIVE AMERICAN ANNUALS: Cosmos, Scarlet Sage, Plains Coreopsis, and Black-eyed Susan.

Planting Instructions: Plant in early spring in full sun and in well-drained soil. Lightly cover seeds and keep moist until plants are established.

Some of the seed will germinate this year, but there are others that require a cold-moist period, which means the grasses and some forbs will grow this year, but some perennial wildflowers may not germinate until spring 2024. Folks can also hold off and plant the packet in the fall, which will allow everything to germinate together.

Packet should plant 100 sq. ft.

Size: 1/8 oz.

Check out this awesome guide from Prairie Moon Nursery on Growing Your Prairie (pdf)