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Interactive Maps

This page is in its infancy. As many of our local government partners know, we are innovating ways to organize, map and share natural resources data collected in Franklin County. From our extensive stormwater mapping layer to a tree canopy layer to a potential wetlands layer, we hope to develop the capacity to share much of this data online.

Franklin County Green Infrastructure Map

Many examples of green infrastructure are currently functioning in Franklin County. This application developed by MORPC with contributions from Franklin Soil and Water, is a compilation of sites that can be viewed on your smart phone or computer, so you can see for yourself the potential benefits and functions of low impact development and green best management practices. The locations of known practices have been identified and a short description of the practice is given. This is an on-going project that will be updated periodically to provide you with the most recent information and innovations occurring in central Ohio.

Central Ohio Blueways Map

MORPC, in partnership with Franklin SWCD and several community groups and park districts, have created a map of safe, legal put-ins and take outs for paddlesports. The map also includes locations and information on potential hazards such as dams and spillways. There are more than 100 miles of water to paddle along the Alum Creek, Big Darby Creek, Big Walnut Creek, Olentangy River, and Scioto River within Delaware, Franklin, and Pickaway counties. Central Ohio’s streams have plentiful public parks judiciously spaced along the waterways to create an unrivaled, urban paddling experience. Communities, parks districts, and grassroots organizations are more regularly building water access points and offering opportunities for people to paddle in their own neighborhoods. Franklin SWCD is proud to have helped with mapping for this project! 

Franklin County Drinking Water Source Map

Investigation of drinking water sources of Franklin and Delaware counties in central Ohio and to present these findings in an interactive Web map for the public. The intent of the Web map is to be used as an educational tool for the public to get a general idea of their drinking water source and not to be used for planning or construction purposes. The main goal of the project and Web map is to share the idea that water comes from nature and not the tap.

Directions: Use the address locator in the upper right hand corner of the web map to zoom into your home. Click your roof top to view a pop up window displaying your drinking water source. Include a city and state in address for best results.

Click here to open web map.