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Conservation Poster Contest

The Conservation Poster Contest is an annual event sponsored by Soil and Water Conservation Districts nationwide. The purpose of the contest is to provide young people with an avenue to gain a better appreciation for our environment and share this caring sentiment through artwork.

2022 Poster Contest Theme: “Healthy Soil: Healthy Life”

Healthy soils are the foundation for all life on Earth. Soil is an important resource for everything from human health to agriculture to water filtration. The imperative benefit of healthy soil is food production. Healthy soils also give us clean air and water, plentiful crops and forests, diverse wildlife and beautiful landscapes. It is important that each of us recognize where our food comes and the farmers and ranchers who are dedicated to using responsible land-management practices to ensure a sustainable food supply and healthy land and soil for future generations.

Franklin Soil and Water Conservation District’s 2022 Poster Contest has concluded.  This year, nearly 1,000 students from 16 schools in 6 different school districts participated in the contest.  Thank you to all participating students and congratulations to our winning students!

Details for the next Conservation Poster Contest will be announced on our website in January 2023.