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Conservation Poster Contest

Our 2024 Poster Contest Is Complete! Scroll down to see the winners!

The Conservation Poster Contest is an annual event sponsored by Soil and Water Conservation Districts nationwide (View the National Conservation Poster Contest website). The purpose of the contest is to provide young people with an avenue to gain a better appreciation for our environment and share this caring sentiment through artwork.

2024 Poster Contest Theme: “May The Forest Be With You Always”

The 2024 Conservation Poster Contest theme is May the Forest Be With You Always.This theme underscores the critical interplay between soil and water conservation and the resilience of our forests. Forests play multifaceted roles in sustaining our planet, serving as sources of oxygen, carbon storage, and vibrant hubs of biodiversity. They function as steadfast protectors of soil and water resources, preventing erosion, purifying contaminants, and nurturing healthy watersheds. In today’s context, marked by environmental challenges, resilient forests are indispensable in fostering a sustainable world. The phrase “May the Forest Be with You, Always” signifies our commitment to responsible forest stewardship, emphasizing their enduring strength and adaptability.

The Franklin County Conservation Poster Contest is open to any student in grades K-12. The contest will run from January 16th through April 12th Classes and youth groups are asked to submit their top entries to Franklin SWCD by April 12, 2024. Posters will be judged by the Franklin Soil and Water staff. County winners will be recognized at an Awards Ceremony at Franklin Park Conservatory on Saturday, May 4th.