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Conservation Poster Contest

Our 2023 Conservation Poster Contest has concluded. A huge thanks to all the students who participated! Scroll down to view a gallery of this year's winners!

The Conservation Poster Contest is an annual event sponsored by Soil and Water Conservation Districts nationwide. The purpose of the contest is to provide young people with an avenue to gain a better appreciation for our environment and share this caring sentiment through artwork.

2023 Poster Contest Theme: “One Water”

Creeks, streams, rivers, reservoirs, bays and the ocean are all connected. When rain, sleet or snow falls to the ground, the water rubs downhill until it reaches a body of water or soaks into the soil until reaches groundwater. Eventually water will return to the atmosphere to fall as rain somewhere else. All land across the entire earth is made up of watersheds. We all live in a watershed. We share the water in our watershed with other people, with animals, and with plants because… it is all one water.