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Environmental Education 'SWIFTLETS'

In an effort to get educational materials and activity ideas to teachers and parents (who may be finding themselves in a new and different kind of teacher role), our Environmental Education Team have created 'SWIFTLETS'. These mini SWIFT's were sent out weekly, March- May, and will continue to be sent out monthly for the remainder of the summer to our educator e-newsletters contact list, and encouraged to be shared with parents. The SWIFTLETS include soil/water information and learning activities related to a weekly theme that parents can immediately utilize at home. Activities are aligned with Ohio’s New Learning Standards for Earth and Space Sciences and Life Sciences.

This summer, join the Education Team by becoming SWIFT Explorers! Read on below to find out how your child can participate!


Week 1 - Water Quality  Week 6 - Pollinator Power 
Week 2 - Soil Super Heroes!
 Week 7 - Wonders of Water 
Week 3 - Surprising Seeds
 Week 8 - Helping Hands  for Endangered Friends  
Week 4- Native Plants
 Week 9- Mighty Macros 
Week 5- Celebrating the Earth
 Week 10- Splendid Soil

June- Scoop on SCAT
August- Waste Not, Want Not (Hazardous Waste)
July- Stream Stewardship

Become a SWIFT Explorer this Summer!

The Franklin Soil and Water Conservation District Education Team has created multiple SWIFTlets, each with an activity and a coloring page (links above). Each SWIFTlet includes background information, related children’s books, activity ideas and correlating resources on a different environmental topic. Using these SWIFTlets can provide an educational and engaging summer. SWIFT Explorers will be rewarded with a certificate and a backpack of additional environmental activities and resources. To become a SWIFT Explorer complete the following assignments by the end of August and submit a list of what you accomplished and a few pictures as proof.
  • Choose from our SWIFTlets to find topics that interest you
  • Perform an activity from at least 8 different SWIFTlets
  • Read or listen to the Read A Louds of at least 4 different books listed in the SWIFTlets
  • Complete at least 2 different SWIFTlet Coloring pages
  • Record your accomplishments on the SWIFT Explorer Passport as proof of completion and submit with photo documentation to Linda Pettit.

Contact our Education Team with any questions! We hope you have an enjoyable and engaging summer learning more about our local environment.